How to receive a package

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There's a new box on the Incoming Packages shelf. Now what?

If you think it's yours

  1. Open your team's purchase order spreadsheet and locate the specific purchase order. If you cannot do one of those things, stop and contact your project manager.
  2. Open the package and locate the packing slip. If there isn't a packing slip, print a hard copy of the purchase order.
  3. Verify that the package contains everything on your purchase order. Initial next to each line item on the packing slip.
    1. If you are missing any line items, contact the treasurer.
    2. Your order may have been combined with another teams order - if there are items in the package that are not part of your purchase order, put them back in the package with the packing slip when you finish.
  4. If all items on the packing slip have been initialed, place the packing slip in the receipts box next to the incoming packages shelf and put the packaging in the trash.
  5. Mark your purchase order as Received.

If you don't know if it's yours

  1. Stop and contact your project manager.

Treasurer contact information

The current treasurer can be contacted at or the #treasury-helpdesk channel on Slack.