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Bus-i.5 (Barbii)
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Year Of Creation 2023
Wins/Losses 6/4
Information and Statistics
Weight Class BeetleWeight
Weapon Class Drum Spinner / Beater Bar
Combined Wins/Losses 6/4

Still made of garbage

Also known as Bus-i.5 or Barbii, the spiritual successor to Barbi and Busi, when competing at Robot Battles due to the lack of a Bus and the inclusion of former Barbi members


Robot Battles 71 at Dragon Con

  • Results: 1 - 1
    • Bracket Style: Single Elimination
      • [Forfeit Win]
        • Officially 2 - 2 without ever setting foot in an arena
      • KO Loss vs Sharpie
        • First ever fight was a loss to an actual FTBB kit
        • Randomly turned off after a few hits but still perfectly functional after a power cycle. Best guess is something happened with the switch or a voltage spike occurred due to the lack of capacitors on the weapon esc

December 9th In House Tournament

UGA Spring Smash 2024

  • Results 1 - 1

Other Fights

  • Results: 0 - 1
    • Bracket Style: Individual Fights
      • KO Loss vs Anomali
        • Honestly worked surprisingly well
        • Eventually all motors got mechanically disconnected, drive motor pinions came loose, weapon motor belt fell off



Created by: Jacques Wang and Evan Strakes

Drive Motors Random 25mm brushed gear motors
Drive Motor Controllers Scorpion Mini Dual Brushed ESC
Weapon Motor Flash Hobby d2826 1400kv
Weapon Motor Controllers Some Random Airplane ESC I Think
Receiver 2A mini Reciever for Flysky Controller 4Ch
Remote Control Flysky FS-i6x 6-10Ch 2.4GHz RC transmitter
Battery 3s 1050mah
Wheels FingerTech Wheels (Hot Glue Coated)

Design Summary

After donating the only functional bus to Todd as a treat, the weapon was replaced with a bootleg Fingertech beater bar milled out in like a hour and a half and a timing pulley was added to replace the PLA round belt pulley we never actually got to try. That's pretty much it but not having the bus is a drastic enough change that I felt like it warranted a different version name.


  • Weapon
    • Belt still a little loose, honestly don't know why it was so wrong from the belt calculators something must have been cut out very poorly
  • Drive
    • Very laggy for some reason, could be ESCs or the garbage gearboxes

Good aspects

It work


Get a new bus


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