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Name: Paul Foster

E-mail: ay-en-yu-ahr-ay-en-bee-ay-kay-ay @ geemail dot com

Major: Electrical/Computer Engineering of some sort

Phone (cell, encoded in hex) 0x1947C3BA3


  • Lathe Operation
  • Analog Electronics
  • Materials Science esp. failure under stress
  • Programming (but I don't care for it much)
  • Theory of Optical Recognition
    • Mechanical and Spectral information processing (ie. things like matching two pictures of the same thing under different lights or mapping object positions by analysis of motion)


  • Perspective Transform
  • General IGVC
  • I want to try building a sonar echolocating device, as opposed to just a distance sensor.
    • Dropped due to Lidar -8 March 2007
  • Documentation!