Tool Guide: Injection Molder

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Injection Molder
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The machine is pretty simple... just a few buttons.

Needed Items

  1. Adapter that connects the nozzle to your mold... it's blue
  2. Plastic beads
  3. Mold
  4. Gloves
  5. Hotplate


  1. Turn on the machine and make sure there is plastic in it.
    1. The switch is on the left side.
    2. The plastic is held on the right. There is a gate, so lift it and fill that area with the beads.
  2. Set the heating temperatures for the nozzle ad barrel. These are specified on the front of the machine, and they are entered into the little screens on the left.
  3. Check clamp force..... still figuring out how to choose the right amount
  4. Heat up your mold's parts and the adapter on the hotplate. Heat them until the mold side is warm to the touch, this isn't an exact science. This just prevents the plastic from cooling to fast or clogging parts of the mold.
  5. Place optional supporting material, the mold, and the adapter on the table to test table height and how the adapter is aligned with the nozzle. There is a divot in the top of the adapter that interfaces with the nozzle. When you place the adapter on the mold, it should look like a T.
  6. Check to make the table will be at the proper height for injecting. Proper height is the height where when raised, the arm will click and the adaptor connects well with the nozzle.
    1. Table height can be adjusted on the side with a hex key. Supporting material can be added or removed under the mold to adjust the height.
    2. On the bottom left, move the black latch behind the red button and push to raise the table. The arm should make a clicking noise and the adapter should have a tight fit with the nozzle.
    3. To lower the table after the button has been pressed, pull the button back out.
  7. Adjust the position of the mold so it is aligned with the nozzle.
  8. Push the red button to raise the table and when it is raised, push the black button on the right to inject the plastic.
    1. Release the black button when the hissing subsides, or you see plastic leaking from the sides.
    2. Pull the red button back out to lower the table.
  9. Take the mold off of the table, and pull the part out of it.
  10. Clean parts(drill out plastic), reheat as needed, and repeat.

Notes and Troubleshooting

  • If plastic consistently leaks out the sides of the mold, check your clamp force and if the arm locks.
  • If it just wont work and you don't know why, check to make sure the ram is raising all the way in the part where you insert the plastic beads.
  • It won't work if the gate on the side is open.
  • ABS is easier to mold than Delrin.
  • There are other buttons on the front we don't know how to use.