Requesting Access to Buildings

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It may be necessary for officers to request access to various buildings on campus to fulfill their responsibilities or to request access to certain buildings for RoboJackets members. This page is provide guidance on how this is accomplished for different buildings/departments.

Deptartment of Mechanical Engineering

Shop Keys and Dept. BuzzCard Access

  • Visit Dorothy in ISyE building.
  • Shop keys should be signed out by a member who has not been issued one
  • Shop keys may need to be cut, so don't expect one immediately
  • Shop keys are tracked here: PeopleWithKeys

College of Computing

College of Computing Building

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Van Leer

  • Befriend an ECE student. All ECE students have access.
  • Join the amateur radio club, W4AQL, and if you pay a $50 deposit, you get a physical key that will open the front doors of Van Leer and the shack on the 4th floor.