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Warning This Page Is Historical Content

Please use the Outreach Wiki Page or contact outreach@robojackets.org for more info.

Purchasing requirements must be followed in order to use the RJJS grant. So read them carefully and if there are any questions contact us before ordering.


Purchasing is done through an Invoice System through on of the approved vendors. The team is responsible for putting the purchase together and placing the order. The team should NOT pay immediately but instead request an invoice for the purchase. This invoice must then be send to RoboJackets for payment processing.

Steps for Ordering

  1. Choose an approved vendor.
  2. Pick the parts you wish to order.
  3. Checkout and put in the shipping information for your Team.
  4. Request an invoice for the order.
  5. Email the invoice to finance@robojackets.org
  6. The invoice will be processed and you will be notified when the payment has been made.

Approved Vendors