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Warning This Page Is Historical Content

Please use the Outreach Wiki Page or contact outreach@robojackets.org for more info.

Program Overview

The RoboJackets' JumpStart program's goal is to ensure the developement of sustainable FIRST Robotics Competition teams in the Metro-Atlanta area. By providing technical and financial resources for inexperienced teams, along with requirements and guidelines, we hope to establish sustainable FIRST programs that will provide effective and engaging learning environments for students interested in math, science, and technology.

The main focus of the program is to provide teams with the guidance and assistance needed to make sure that they stay on track and gain valuable design and building experience.

Primary Contacts:

  • Roman Shtylman: shtylman 'at' gmail.com
  • Brian Guerriero: bguerriero 'at' gmail.com


General Requirements

  • Participate in the 2007-2008 FIRST Robotics Competition (team must raise registration costs)
  • List RoboJackets as a sponsor on promotional materials and robot
  • Participate in the 2007 Technology Enrichment Sessions
  • Attendance to the remote FRC Kickoff in Atlanta
  • Participate in the brainstorming session at the kickoff
  • Attend the scrimmage

Technical Requirements

  • Participation in weekly design collaborations during the build period
  • Choose a drivetrain design by the end of the 1st FRC build week (one of)
    • A custom design approved through a design collaboration
    • Kitbot chassis and drive provided in FIRST kit-of-parts
  • Have a complete robot design reviewed at a design collaboration by the 3rd FRC Build week

Participating Teams

A team that is accepted into the RoboJackets JumpStart program will be allocated funds for robot build and associated expenses. Upon being accepted and agreeing to meet the requirements set forth by the RoboJackets JumpStart program, further information will be provided to the teams.


The application must be brought to a TE Session by October 23, 2007.