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The microprocessor is the heart of the 2007 RoboJackets RoboCup competition robot and acts as the interface between the wireless communication system and the robot proper. A simple firmware program monitoring the internal sensors of the robot and controling the motor and ball roller/shoot will run on the micro. Currently as part of our phase one objectives we are looking closly at processors from Atmel, SI Labs, Motorola, and PICs. Below are some specs.

The Wall

9/14/06 - We chose a dev kit see the sparkfun link below. It'll cost $64.95 a pop and we are getting 3. 11/23/06 - Set the frequency of the mirco and added the crystall its needs

To Do

  • Finalize number of I/O and type (SPI, PWM, ADC, etc)
  • Design Schematic tying in all devices
  • Breadboard to test write simple code
  • Get board made
  • Write Code


Device 32-bit microprocessor
Power 3.3V Low pwt
Archetecture ARM
Clock 57.272 MHz (14.318MHz Crystal)
Memory Flash 128Kb
IO pins 32-64 pins Software Configurable
Interfaces SPI, UART
DA/AD (3)10-bit DAC (2)10/16-bit ADC
Timers 8-bit (3)
PWM 4 channels
Programming JTAG or Bootloader




Phillips LPC



Level Translators

LDO Regulator/Reset Supervisory Circuit



User Groups/Wikis


Other Links

Electrical Homepage