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We occasionally receive requests for people unaffiliated with Georgia Tech to join our organization. This page documents the reasons we do not accept members that are not already members of the Georgia Tech community.

Registered Student Organizations Policy Restrictions

RoboJackets receives considerable funding from the Student Government Association, including for travel, and so we are subject to RSO policy for a large percentage of our budget.

RSO policy revised August 2020 allows for non-student members with the following restriction:

  • JFC will not approve funding in an Annual Budget or a Bill for ...any travel expense for a non-student

Logistical challenges

People without a nine-digit Georgia Tech ID number are not able to access our facility without assistance, log in to the wireless network, or use any of our Internet-based resources, including our dues payment system.

People that are not already affiliated with the Institute create a liability risk in our facility as the equipment we use for manufacturing is inherently dangerous.

Standing RoboJackets policy

In an attempt to meet the above policy requirements and logistical challenges, our standing policy for membership is as follows:

  • People that have not been issued a nine-digit Georgia Tech ID number are not eligible to be members, with no exceptions.
  • Any currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student at the Georgia Tech Atlanta campus in good standing with the Institute is eligible to be a member with no restrictions.
  • People with a nine-digit Georgia Tech ID number that have previously paid both the Student Activity Fee and RoboJackets dues in the same Institute fiscal year are permitted to continue paying dues indefinitely to maintain access to our Internet-based resources. We will charge double the student rate for dues. To comply with RSO policy, we will not fund any travel for people in this category whatsoever.
  • Any person not matching any of the above criteria exactly may contact us at to discuss their situation. To date, RoboJackets has not accepted any members that do not meet the second or third category, and we expect that trend to continue.