ME Vehicle Rules

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The ME Department allows us to use their vehicles to conduct RoboJackets business. On this page, you will find links to relevant documents and general information on using ME vehicles.

ME Documentation

In order to drive ME vehicles, you have to complete an online defensive driving course. A separate course for van safety must be completed to drive the vans. In addition to the information from this course, there is a paper in the glove compartment of the van with instructions on what to do if an accident occurs.

Relevant Information Found Online

  • The information in this document applies to state employees, so it is not certain how well it applies to us. However, we plan on following them to avoid incidents in the future.
    • State 4.8 "Unauthorized use of state vehicles may result in immediate disciplinary action from the operator’s agency. Such action may include suspension of all privileges to operate state vehicles and in some cases, dismissal. Furthermore, state drivers are not covered by liability insurance when engaging in unauthorized use of state vehicles, nor is the vehicle covered under optional Auto Physical Damage Coverage when so operated."
    • State 4.7 "When on official travel status and not within reasonable walking distance between either of the above places and: Places to obtain meals..."
    • State 7.3.1 "Whenever an accident occurs that involves a state vehicle or a non-state vehicle being used on state business, you should: assist the injured, report the accident to the police immediately, report the accident to your supervisor immediately... "
  • This is an additional resource, though it also doesn't explicitly apply to student drivers.

What to Remember for the Future

  • ME vehicles can not be used to do anything other than transport members to meetings, unless on certified travel status.
  • No matter the severity of damage, the police must be called after an accident to get an incident report.