Kickoff planning

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The President


  • Verify IRIM and the CoC can support the event
  • Contact Ferst Theater to reserve the theater venue
    • Office of the Arts Event Coordinator
  • Identify the RoboJackets Kickoff Coordinator
    • Introduce to Ga FIRST Regional Director and Kickoff Coordinator
  • Identify the RoboJackets A/V Lead
  • Identify the RoboJackets Volunteer Coordinator


  • Inform Youth Programs (YP) that an event of 1000+ minors will be held on campus
  • Request Proof of Liability Insurance from Ga FIRST
    • This should be coordinated through YP, and delivered to Georgia Tech Insurance, Claims, and Property Control


  • Reserve non-Ferst rooms
    • Workshops
      • Klaus 1443, 1447, 1456, 2443, 2447, 2456, 1116E/W
        • Through IRIM Administrative Manager
    • Student Center
      • Ballroom
      • Theater (not needed as of 2020)
      • Piedmont (not needed as of 2020)
  • Schedule meetings or notify emergency services at Georgia Tech
    • May be coordinated through YP
    • Requires rooms to be booked first
    • Notify Police Chief
    • Notify Fire Marshall
  • Coordinate with RJ PR Chair to design banners
    • Paper and Clay has 36" vinyl stock


  • Invite Speakers
    • Dean of the CoE
    • Director of IRIM
    • CoC Assistant Dean for Outreach, Enrollment, and Community
    • RoboJackets Advisor
    • We want two speakers typically
  • Finalize Breakfast Catering
    • Talk with the Director of the Computing Community at the CoC
    • Plan for 750-1000 with gluten-free options
    • On campus venue, so requires on-campus catering
  • Confirm with Youth Programs that requirements have been met
  • Confirm with IRIM that the Ferst theater has been paid for
    • Office of the Arts Event Coordinator will reach out early Nov. to get IRIM's payment information
    • Give payment info the IRIM Administrative Manager
  • Confirm with the IRIM Administrative Manager non-Ferst rooms have been invoiced and paid for
  • Schedule Theater Walkthrough
    • Office of the Arts Event Coordinator will reach out
    • Request their technical assistant to attend
    • The President, RJ Kickoff Coordinator, RJ A/V Lead, and RJ Outreach PM should be in attendance
  • Schedule Meeting with Student Center Reservations and Events Coordinator
    • Describe catering requirements (so they verify compliance)
    • Describe room configurations
      • Ballroom with 35, 10 person, 72" tables
      • Theater in default config
      • Additional overflow rooms in theater configuration
      • Volunteer Kickoff room in roundtable configuration with projector
  • Place banner order
    • Paper and Clay
    • Grommets to hang
    • Rod holder for weighing
  • Pickup banner order
  • Verify volunteer count


  • finalize volunteer logistics
  • determine stage schedule
  • create presentation materials
  • deliver materials to A/V
  • purchase 35 circular table covers for 72" tables


  • week-of purchases
    • handle volunteer lunch
      • pizza with noon scheduled delivery
      • 2L bottles of soda
    • water bottles for speakers and lunches
  • hold status meeting Friday night

The Kickoff Coordinator

A/V Lead

Volunteer Coordinator

Important Non-RJ People

College of Computing

  • Director of Computing Community - Troy Peace
  • Assistant Dean of Outreach - Cedric Stallworth
  • Administrative Professional to Assitant Dean of Outreach - Alyshia Jackson
  • Educational Outreach Manager - Jen Whitlow

Ferst Theater

  • Office of the Arts event Coordinator - Rachel Haage
  • Technical Lead - Paul


  • Executive Director - Seth Hutchinson
  • Administrative Manager - Cynthia Jordan

Student Center

  • Reservations and Event Coordinator - Jillian Cruser


  • Youth Programs Compliance Specalist - Kelly Cross
  • Fire Marshall - Larry Labbe
  • Police Chief - Sgt. Archie Hill
  • Director of Insurance, Claims, and Property Control - Tom Provancher
  • Attorney - Shelley Hildebrand

Georgia FIRST

  • Regional Director - Connie Haynes
  • Kickoff Coordinator - Val
  • Photographer/Media - Karen


  • Building Access
    • Klaus
      • Stacey Greyson (OWA directory John Grayson)
      • Daron Foreman
    • CoC
      • Keith Watson