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Year Of Creation 2015-2017
Latest Revision deprecated
Revision Years NA-NA
Information and Statistics
Farthest Distance NA
Fastest Time NA
Highest Finish AutoNav NA
Highest Finish Design NA

Jaymi was originally intended to be the robot for the 2016 competition. However, due to the complexity of the design, it was not ready to be manufactured and was pushed to next year's competition. During 2016-2017 school year, the IGVC team saw a drop-off in senior membership, which resulted in schedule delays and severe technical issues across all subteams. We "completed" Jaymi in May, a few days before competition, but she had so many issues that it was impossible to have any successful runs. Therefore, just 14 hours before leaving for competition, we created a simple wooden robot called Woodi. The failure of Jaymi is what inspired many of the changes in team culture and design principles for Jessi and Jessii.


Jaymi was never deemed competition-ready, and therefore was never taken to IGVC. In her stead, Misti (IGVC) competed in 2016, and Woodi competed in 2017.



At Competition


Mechanical Design & Issues

Electrical Design & Issues

Software Design & Issues

Additional Information

Team Members

  • Project Manager: Noah Daugherty
  • Mechanical Lead: Kelvin Chong
  • Electrical Lead: Daniil Budanov
  • Software Lead: Matthew Keezer