How to Set Shaded With Edges as Default

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If you've ever been in a BattleBots design review, the one thing they all have in common is "Can you turn on shaded with edges?" This is a useful setting that differentiates parts in an assembly through the use of bold lines. Here you'll learn to set it as a defualt viewing mode for your Inventor application. This means that no matter what assembly/part you open you will be viewing it as Shaded with Edges.

  • From within the Inventor application, navigate to the 'Tools' tab
    • Under the 'Options' category, you will see a button labeled 'Application Settings'
    • Click that
  • That opens an options dialogue. Choose the 'Display' tab
    • Under the 'Appearance' heading, click the 'Settings...' button
  • This opens another dialogue with the title 'Display Appearance'
    • Under 'Initial Display Appearance', there is a drop-down labeled 'Visual Style'
    • Expand that drop-down and select 'Shaded with Edges'
  • Click 'Ok' or 'Apply' on each of the dialogues to ensure your settings save
    • You may get an error message along the lines of "Inventor is currently configured to use appearance settings stored in document settings..." which is alright.
    • Choose 'Ok' and to the left of 'Settings...' there are two radio buttons to choose between 'Use document settings' and 'Use application settings'
    • Select 'Use application settings.' Now your inventor will ignore all those inferior drawing styles and always shade with edges!