How to Distribute Swag

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Each years, RoboJackets members who pay dues are eligible to receive swag, such as the RoboJackets t-shirt or polo (note, however, that this varies by year and dues package). When you physically give someone swag, you must also record the swag distribution in MyRoboJackets.

In MyRoboJackets, swag is called "merchandise." When a student pays dues with a dues package targeted at students (rather than a non-student/alumni dues package), they are offered a choice of merchandise that is attached to a given dues package.

To record merchandise distributions or view dues transactions, you must have a team lead, project manager, or officer role in MyRoboJackets. If you need access, please ask in #it-helpdesk on Slack.

Confirming Merchandise Selections

To confirm which merchandise a RoboJackets member selected when they paid dues, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Type the user's name in the search bar, find the result for their User, and click to go to the details page.
  3. On the user page, scroll down to Dues Transactions. Click the eye symbol next to the dues transaction you're distributing merchandise for. If you're distributing merchandise for this year, it's probably the first dues transaction listed. If you're distributing merchandise for a prior year, remember to select the dues transaction from that year and not the latest one.
  4. On the Dues Transaction's details page, scroll down to the Merchandise section. This section lists the merchandise selection(s) made when the user paid dues.
  5. Click on the eye symbol to view the Merchandise item you want to distribute, then follow the instructions in the next section.

Recording Merchandise Distribution

To actually record the merchandise distribution, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you're on the details page of the merchandise item you would like to distribute. If you're not there, follow the above instructions for Confirming Merchandise Selections first. This will ensure that you're looking at the correct merchandise item.
  2. Near the right side of the page, click Select Action, then pick the Distribute Merchandise option. Click the play button.
  3. Search for the user you're distributing merchandise to and then click Mark as Picked Up. If you do not see the user's name in the list, they may be ineligible to receive this item or may not have selected it when they paid dues. You can reach out to #it-helpdesk on Slack for assistance in figuring out why you can't distribute merchandise to someone.

That's it! If you need help, feel free to ask in #it-helpdesk.