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Welcome! You've found yourself on the page for the Buzzmobile Homecoming Car, sorry about that.


The homecoming car, also referred to as the Buzzmobile, is a joint effort between The Agency and RoboJackets. It is sponsored by the OEC and is intended to be an autonomous parade float modeled after the Ramblin Wreck. The homecoming car is currently stored in parking deck of Klaus Computing.


Homecoming car is a nearly full sized replica of the Wreck. It has a body made of plywood supported by a steel frame. Many of the components on the car overlap with components found on a standard FRC robot. Buzzmobile has a 6-CIM chain drive train. The CIM motors are controlled by Victor motor controllers from Cross the Road Electronics. The victors receive their messages from an on board Arduino Uno. The Arduino also talks to the pneumatic break on the car and can honk the horn of the wreck.


The code powering the homecoming car can be found on Github. This is also where documentation on operating the car can be found. The majority of the code running the robot is written with Python and ROS, although there are some nodes written in C++.

Recommended supplies

Following is a list of recommended things to take down to The Cage (the home of the car).

- A fan (it gets hot down there)

- Extension cords

- A multimeter