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This article is intended to assist RoboJackets members in effectively utilizing FASET as a Recruiting tool.

Background info (FASET 2016)

There were a total of 9 FASETs in 2016: 1 summer freshman, 7 regular, and 1 transfer. The last two FASETs are the largest due to being reserved for students far away from Tech.


Registration info for FASET is distributed via OrgSync to leaders in April. If sign-up is not completed in time, there is a waitlist.

What to Bring

  1. Robots
  2. Banner / Table Runner
  3. Gaffers Tape
  4. Informational flyers or brochures
  5. Laptops for completing the sign-up form (See below)
  6. Paper Registration sheets as backup for laptops (and pens)
  7. Water - It's hot out!

The Sign Up form

The sign up form is now handled by MyRoboJackets. Ask in #it-helpdesk on Slack for access to the recruiting page.