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An example of one hot robot.

This Candii Robot Guide extends the Candi Robot Guide. Although Candi was designed for the 2007 IGVC, she will be used once again in 2008. However, she will have a sparkling new personality (electronics and software), so she is now Candii.


Below is a diagram showing the flow of data between the various robot controller components.

Needs correction:

  • GPS communicates over COM2(/dev/ttyS1)
  • Time server (NTP) runs on the TS board reading the Data Carrier Detect (DCD) line of COM2
    • Add: TS Board is running an NTP server to define robot time
  • Software modules should be included
  • Rename "Arduino" -> "Motor Arduino"
  • Add "Power Arduino"
  • Fix: Wheel Encoders will be communicating over SPI
Candii Component Diagram.png


Our code for this year is stored in Subversion and is accessible at The laptop codebase will be written in C++.

Contributers to the laptop codebase should ensure that they are following our coding conventions.


We are using the Player/Stage robot server as the communication layer between our device drivers and our processing/controlling software modules.

As we've used the Player server, occasionally we've needed to patch it to better suit our needs. Below are our custom patches:

IGVC Divisions of Responsibility

These links will go to pages detailing each part of the design. Division leaders should start filling these in.

General Services

Hardware-Centric Divisions

Intelligence-Centric Divisions