Barrel Blob Finder

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A barrel and its bounding box, as identified by BarrelBlobFinder

BarrelBlobFinder is an ImageFilterDemo filter that identifies orange/white construction barrels in an input image.


  • Image whose pixels are in ARGB format.
    • width : int
    • height : int
    • pixels : int[]


  • List of boundary rectangles for the barrels identified in the input image, in the coordinate space of the input image.
    • barrelBoundList : List<Rectangle>

Production Version

  • The BarrelBlobFinder algorithm has been integrated into the final production code.
  • Since its integration, the production version of BarrelBlobFinder has had some unique modifications made to it.
    • Pixels identified as orange/white by the filter are painted solid orange/white respectively on the output image.
    • Tick marks on the side of identified barrel bounds show the size of the minimum detectable barrel.
    • Slanted lines inside each identified barrel bound show the maximum rate of tapering that the detector will tolerate.
    • A badge icon in the lower left hand corner shows the prototypical minimum-size barrel that the detector will pick up.

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