2015 Chipper

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The Goal

The goal when creating the chipper was to simplify the design. We incorporated a Flat Solenoid as to fit the geometry of our robot. Essentially the solenoid armature slides barely touching the bottom plate hitting a pivot arm which the golf ball is resting on. This applies a force at a 55 degree angle upwards. 

Armature Distance Tests

Tests were performed on 11/15/15 to test the distance the armature needs to be outside the chipper solenoid to maximize power output. The armature distance was measured from the front of the armature (the side without the hole). The spring remained unattached for all of the tests conducted.

Armature distance from front edge (in) Ball distance (in) 1st bounce distance (in)
.5 34.5 10.5
.7 40-44 17
.9 -


1.1 28 8.5
1.3 14 4
1.5 1.5 3

The maximum determined distance was still insufficient for the chipper to gain any significant vertical distance.