The RoboJackets Sign

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The RoboJackets Sign is found directly outside of the entrance to the RoboJackets shop area in the SCC. Built by RoboJackets members in 2015, this sign features the RoboJackets mascot and logo with an LED back-lighting. In 2016, the LED's were upgraded to a neopixel strip for individually addressable control.

"RoboJackets Sign"

Technical Specs

The sign is machined from aluminum and is mounted to the wall using 8 screws with drywall anchors. It weighs roughly 15 lbs. The sign is lit by a 3m strip of NeoPixels which are wired through the wall into the RJ office. The setup is controlled by a ChipKIT WF32 and powered by a 5V, 10A power supply. The Neopixels draw about 4A peak.