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Visual content is an important component of RoboJackets’ promotional media. It’s a way to show off all of the things we do both on and off campus and generate interest in our projects and goals. In order to facilitate the creation of great videos and social media content, the raw footage we collect should aim to be of a certain quality. This article details some guidelines and advice on how to collect good usable raw content, particularly at events and competitions.

General Guidelines

  • Try to reduce blurriness and fast movement of the camera. This can be achieved by:
    • standing in once place while filming
    • taking care to hold the camera steady
  • Lighting is very important!!
    • Don’t take photos facing the sun - lighting in general should be in front of the subject and not behind it.
    • Materials with harsh or uneven lighting are often more difficult to edit

Video Specific

  • If you know your shot is going to have a lot of movement it will be easier to have a wider shot of the whole scene than try to follow it.
  • Avoid zooming in in general, this gives the editor more room in the shot to reduce shakiness and zoom in manually as they see fit.
  • Start recording earlier and stop recording later than you normally would - this allows for more flexibility during the editing phase.