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The Technology Enrichment (TE) Sessions started in 2002 with the goal of promoting STEM education for area middle and high school students. In recent years the workshop series has been tailored to foster success in both the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), drawing heavily on strategic and technical details of both competitions. TE Sessions are conducted in the fall semester during FTC season, leading up to FRC season, and comprise one of the primary initiatives of RoboJackets' Outreach program in the fall semester. On this page you can find info relating to past and current TE Sessions. You can also find more information about TE Sessions on the RoboJackets website.


TE Sessions are held in the classroom in the 14th Street Student Competition Center (SCC).


For the 2017 season, the sessions will be held on Saturdays starting at 3pm.

Participating Schools

Previous Sessions

All sessions since the 2016 season are archived on the RoboJackets Youtube channel