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As of 2016, the RoboJackets shop uses buzzcard access entry. However, shop keys are still required for access to the office, field room, and electrical room. Shop keys are limited, and therefore distributed based on need. Executive officers, project managers, and members holding shop positions, such as electrical room manager, will have priority on shop keys. Priority on all remaining keys will be given to members that work in the shop outside of meeting times in addition to during meeting times, members that often start meetings in absence of the project manager, and members that otherwise demonstrate need for a shop key. Not all shop keys need to be assigned at any given time. Unassigned shop keys should be kept in the RoboJackets cash box. A list of key assignments can be found here

The Vice President will be responsible for resolving any conflict regarding key priority and will be responsible for maintaining the list of key assignments. Redistrobution of keys should occur at the end of every semester. All members who are graduating or leave the area for the summer should return their keys prior to leaving.