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== Resources ==
== Resources ==
[[How To Record Data On Sedani]]
[[How To Record Data On Sedani]]
[[Setting Up Ubuntu for Ethernet LAN While Preserving Wifi Internet Access]]

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RoboRacing is a competitive robotics team geared towards autonomous racing of small scale automotive platforms. The team started in 2013 and has since built robots to compete in the IARRC competition since the team's inception, as well as the Sparkfun AVC competition since 2016. RoboRacing is additionally planning on competing in the evGrand Prix Autonomous competition in 2020.

RoboRacing puts its members at the forefront of emerging technology in self-driving cars through involvement in autonomous RC vehicle design, fabrication, and programming. Each competition has proven to be a great learning opportunity for everything from robust mechanical design to advanced programming skills that could be applied to diverse engineering applications. 

Meeting Times

Mondays: 6:30-9:00 PM

Sundays: 4:00-7:00 PM

Location: GA Tech SCC (Student Competition Center)

Carpool Pickup Locations: North Avenue Apartments & West Village

Current Leadership

  • Project Manager: Austin Keener
  • Electrical Lead: Varun Madabushi
  • Mechanical Lead: Michael Benben
  • Software Lead: Daniel Martin

Upcoming Competitions

IARRC 2020

RC scale autonomous racing and navigation.


  • Rules
  • Date: TBD

evGrand Prix Autonomous 2020

Autonomous high speed racing of full-size go karts.


  • Rules
  • Date: TBD

Past Competitions


Bot Competition Years Versions Design Reports
Sedani 2018 - 2019 Sedani, Sedanii
Macaroni 2017 Macaroni
Speedi 2014-2016 Speedi, Speedii, Speediii


Year Placement Additional Awards
2019 1st Place Overall
2018 Did Not Place
2017 3rd Place Overall
2016 1st Place Overall
2015 4th Place Overall
2014 1st Place Overall

Sparkfun AVC

Bot Competition Years Versions Design Reports
Bigoli 2016-2018 Bigoli, Bigolii


Year Car Wars Speed Demons Additional Awards
2018 Did Not Place 1st Place
2017 1st Place Did Not Place


How To Record Data On Sedani

Setting Up Ubuntu for Ethernet LAN While Preserving Wifi Internet Access