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The Promotions Chair will organize promotions of the RoboJackets in the Georgia Tech community, organize programs that involving helping the surrounding community, and be responsible for creating the guidelines for groups attending competitions to best promote Georgia Tech in the robotics


The role of the PR Chair is to ensure that the image of RoboJackets is revered in the community as well as on social media. Along side the Treasurer, the PR Chair also initiates sponsorship initiatives.

PR material can be found primarily on Owncloud, and also on the Wiki.

Photo Editing Software

Sufficient knowledge of photo and video editing software is required for this role.  Access to most Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign...) is provided by the school.   You can access it on any GT computer or through vlab (; the products can be found in the Library Desktop.


T-shirts are created to serve as an item for give aways at events, propaganda, gifts to supporters, and other contacts. They should be ready to be ordered when all the dues are to be paid in Fall (around mid-October).

To make the T-shirts, collect the vector wire frame file of all the robots and create a design.  (Vector files are essential for quality of the picture)

Once completed, they should be uploaded here.

More information can be found here.


Polos are the corner stone of our appearance at events. They should be ready to be ordered when all the dues are to be paid in Spring (around mid-February).

More information can be found here.


Jackets are created to further promote our image.   They are ordered depending on the demand and are paid by the individual.  One suggestion is to alternate between a heavier jacket and a light jacket, perhaps including water resistance.

More information can be found here.

Business Cards

Business Cards are created to promote our club and provide contact information. They should be ordered once all leaders have been elected (around late September).

Once completed, they should be uploaded here.

General PR Material

PR material is regularly updated and created, which includes:

  • Once the new officers are official, the sign outside the shop should be updated with the officer's information, found in the root folder of dropbox.
  • Fliers: Fliers are printed every year for recruitment which promotes our name, what we do, and location.  Fliers should be ready by the first FASET (around mid-June).  When the first General Meeting date is established, the fliers should be updated with that information.
  • Banners and Sponsor banners: Banners should be regularly updated for quallity and to reflect sponsors.
  • Team shirts: Individual teams have taken it upon themselves to create their own competition-themed shirts. Making it a more regular option may be an opportunity for the future.

Feel free to start more fun branding products.

Resume Book

The Resume Book is used to show companies prospective interns from our organization when they visit.  People should be let known that this resource is available, especially during Career Fairs when resumes are updated (mid-September and mid-January).
For convenience, one suggestion is to keep a digital record of everyone and their order in the book should they want to update their resume in the book.