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From the RoboJackets Constitution:

The President will have general supervision of the affairs of the RoboJackets and will preside at meetings. The President will approve projects for the organization to be involved in, actively seek projects for the organization, and act as a liaison for companies that wish to support the club, and will approve all orders that involve outgoing money over $100.00fckLR

Information on Common Tasks

Excused Absence Forms

Competitions and some other events are valid institute events that qualify our members for excused absences from academic responsibilities during the events. The nature of what will be excused and what work must be made up is ultimately decided between the professor and individual students, but the official excuse document from the institute is a critical first step in allowing students to begin that conversation. It is their proof that the event is a legitimate institute-endorsed event. It is important to get these out to members as soon as possible so they have time to execute these conversations before the event.

The procedure for aquiring excused absence forms is simple. Collect the information listed below for each of the students attending the event. Send this information, in the form of an excel sheet, for convenience, to our advisor, Dr. Jun Ueda. He will forward this information to the appropriate campus office, which will send him the approved absence forms within about one week.

The information you need to send to Dr. Ueda includes the following:

  • Full name
  • gtID number
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Cell phone number
  • Emergency Contact name
  • Emergency Contact phone number