How to Record Attendance

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As we are a student organization under the College of Computing, we are required to record attendance at our meetings. In the past this was done with paper attendance sheets but is now recorded electronically through MyRoboJackets.


To record attendance, you'll need a magstripe (Buzzcard) reader. They're kept in the filing cabinet in the corner of the shop by the 3D printer. Then, go to, if you're recording attendance for a team meeting or training, or if it's for an event. Click on the correct event or team's view button, then scroll down to the "Collect Attendance" panel. Make sure the textbox is highlighted then swipe your Buzzcard. The name of the person who swiped should appear below the box. Project managers, trainers, and officers have access to these pages by default; if you need access, please ask in #it-helpdesk on Slack.


To allow for attendance recording at remote meetings, go to and select "Reset Attendance Link" under the "Select Action" dropdown. Click the run button next to the dropdown. The generated link will be in the "Remote Attendance" panel below. That link can be sent to members; when they click on it their attendance will be recorded. That link will only be active for one hour from when you run the action. When it expires a new one must be generated with the same procedure. Only one link is active at a time so subteams with separate simultaneous calls must all use the same link. Generally it's recommended to send the link in the chat of the Google Meet call but it can be distributed however it's necessary to.

If you need help, feel free to ask in #it-helpdesk.