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If you need help, feel free to ask in [https://robojackets.slack.com/app_redirect?channel=treasury-helpdesk #treasury-helpdesk].
If you need help, feel free to ask in [https://robojackets.slack.com/app_redirect?channel=treasury-helpdesk #treasury-helpdesk].
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To receive SGA funding, we are required to collect dues from our members. Our dues are managed electronically through MyRoboJackets. For collecting for a trip fee or other payment, the procedure is the same, but instead of recording the payment in MyRoboJackets, contact the treasurer to let them know the payment was made (or update it in the collections spreadsheet if you have access to it).

To accept dues, you must be an officer or a project manager.

To record the payment, open MyRoboJackets' admin page and search for the last name of the person who is paying. On their user page, scroll down to dues transactions and click the view symbol at the far right on the top row, which should say the relevant dues package. (Do not press the create dues transaction button.) If the user does not have the correct package in that table, ask them to log into MyRoboJackets themselves and fill out the dues form on the homepage. In the "Select Action" dropdown, pick "Add Payment" and press run. Fill out the form and press "Run Action". This marks the payment recorded. They will receive an email receipt.

After verifying the payment is recorded, write a paper receipt for them. The receipt booklet is in the lockbox in the corner of the shop by the 3D printer. Ask the treasurer for the combination. You must write a receipt regardless of whether they want it, for RoboJackets' records. Make sure you only write on top of the main copy and one sheet of the transfer paper. Fill out their name, the amount, whether it was cash or check, the purpose (dues, trip fee, etc.), and your name. Give them the white copy if they want it. Place their cash or check in the cash box, and make sure to re-lock it once you're done.

If you need help, feel free to ask in #treasury-helpdesk.