How To Record Data On Sedani

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  1. Follow this guide to set up a static IP ethernet connection on your computer
  2. Turn on Sedani
  3. Start the platform software $ roslaunch rr_platform sedani.launch
  4. Connect an ethernet cable to Sedani's computer and your laptop. (You can unplug Sedani's monitor now)
  5. ssh into Sedani's computer (from your laptop) $ ssh robojackets@
  6. start a screen session $ screen
  7. start recording $ roslaunch rr_platform sedani_record_data.launch
  8. detach from the screen session 'Ctrl-A', 'd'
  9. End your ssh session $ exit
  10. Unplug the ethernet cable and drive the car around
  11. When you're done driving, reconnect the ethernet cable
  12. ssh back into Sedani $ ssh robojackets@
  13. Reattach to the screen session $ screen -r
  14. Stop recording 'Ctrl-C'
  15. Stop the screen session $ exit
  16. Stop the ssh session $ exit
  17. From here, you can reconnect Sedani's monitor or do whatever else you want to do.