Cleaning Checklist

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  • Office Area
    • Sweep and vacuum the floor
    • Move everything from the tabletop to where is belongs
  • Field Room
    • Sweep floor
      • Aisle
        • Nothing should be sticking out from underneath the field
      • Field
        • Cover with tarp when done
    • Clear surfaces
      • Nothing should be on the field
  • Mechanical Room
    • Sweep and vacuum
      • Floor
      • Main table
      • Workbenches in the back
    • Organize
      • Put away all tooling to where is belongs
      • Remove anything useless from the scrap piles and sheet drawer
      • Note if anything is missing and email the Shop Manager
  • Electrical Room
    • Sweep and vacuum floor
  • Hallway
    • Sweep and vacuum floor
    • Set aside anything that does not belong to the package/backpack shelf and email Core.

*Trash: Aluminum and Plastic go to respective bins in the breakout area (intersection of hallways). Trash goes to the dumpster outside. Replace bags in the office room trash can