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Bigoli was a RoboRacing competitive bot that competed through the 2016-2018 academic years in the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competiton (AVC) before the competition's retirement in 2019. The competition tested the robot's ability to carry a human passenger while autonomously navigating a course. The emphasis was on relatively smooth controls, enforced with the human passenger having to carry a water cup and shoot a foam dart gun at targets during the competition.

For more information on the competition, visit the official website.


Sparkfun AVC 2018

Bigolii placed 1st in the Speed Demons competition.


Sparkfun AVC 2017

Bigoli placed 1st in the Car Wars competition.


Bigoli was powered by two 12V batteries, running at a total of 24V. The drive motor used was designed for a scooter, with a custom-designed gearbox attached. The motor is controlled by the Open Source Motor Controller (OSMC). The steering motor was CIM motor controlled by the Talon SRX with position monitored by a potentiometer. A custom control PCB was created using the mbed LPC1768 as the base to actuate the steering and drive. The safety system is implemented using a solenoid contractor system that cuts power to both motors utilizing onboard safety pushbuttons or the wireless remote. An Intel NUC provides high-level computation utilizing a SICK Lidar and multiple cameras for object avoidance, detection, and planning.

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