Alumni Association Activity Catalogs

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The Alumni Association Activity Catalogs will serve as a communication tool to RoboJackets students from the RoboJackets Alumni Association (RJAA) about the services that RJAA is willing and able to provide. This document is intended to be “living” and will always accurately reflect the projects and services that the Alumni Association has the manpower and willingness to provide. At no point will a project or service be on this document without the full support of at least one alumni sponsor.

At the beginning of each semester, the RoboJackets Core Officers will select from this catalog which services they would like RJAA to make available to the organization as well as voice any changes to the project relationships. If any projects or services are added after the semesterly review, RoboJackets Core Officers will be notified, given time to review the new offerings, and will be expected to approve or deny them in a timely manner.

Alumni Association Activity Catalogs

Alumni Association Activity Catalog Spring 2022

Alumni Association Activity Catalog Fall 2021