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The great part about RoboRacing is being able to drive fast cars when for "testing." For fun on Sedani, it can be fun to set up a FPV headset and steering wheel to feel like you are really sitting there driving! You can even test your driving skills versus our autonomous code.

Warning: Moving a vehicle can be dangerous. FPV requires another person to be the "spotter" and have a remote e-stop to kill the car in case of loss of connection. Always range test your connections.

You will note that there is a bit of lag between the input steering and the actual. You may also notice that you do not have very long range with a single access point. That is normal because WiFi can be slow and not long range.

What you need:

  • Sedani (or comparable vehicle with ROS)
  • Laptop with ROS
  • Wireless Access Point (or shared WiFi network)
  • USB Steering wheel (or joystick if you are strapped)
  • FPV Camera (and transmitter)
  • FPV Headset


  1. Set up FPV camera on Sedani
  2. Set up access point
  3. Connect Sedani and Laptop to access point
  4. Set up ROS multiple machines. Tutorials [HERE]( and [HERE](
    1. A quick overview of step 4:
    2. Find the IP Address of each computer
    3. Run roscore on Sedani
    4. Export the IP of Sedani with export ROS_MASTER_URI=http://<SEDANIIP>:11311
    5. Run the same command as in above step on the laptop
    6. Note: Unless you actually put these commands in the bashrc, nodes will only be shared between computers when run in the same terminal that you ran the step 4 commands in.
  5. Plug in the USB steering wheel to the laptop
  6. Now that that roscore is shared, run on the laptop roslaunch rr_platform joystick_driver.launch
  7. On Sedani, run roslaunch rr_platform sedani_motor_relay.launch
  8. Zoom that pasta