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The RoboJackets Outreach team's mission is the promotion of science and engineering education in K-12 students. Working primarily though USFIRST programs, we engage students directly to facilitate hands-on learning through competitive robotics.

We currently have four projects we work on throughout the year to achieve this mission:

  • Technology Enrichment Sessions - educational workshops leveraging the FIRST Robotics Competition to teach fundamental robotics concepts to area students.
  • FRC Kickoff - the announcement event for the FIRST Robotics Competition. In 2016, over 1000 students were in attendance on campus.
  • FRC Mentorship - working directly with an FRC team, we act as coaches and mentors to assist students throughout the academic year, including building a competition robot over an intensive six week build season. The team we are currently working with is FRC 6705, WildCat 5e.
  • Robot In 1 Weekend - building a robot for the FIRST Tech Challenge in the span of one weekend when its build season starts. The aim of this is not to compete, but to inspire students in the competition at the start of their build season.


Current Affiliation

  • WildCat 5e - FRC 6705

Past FRC Partner Teams

  • Toaster Tech - FRC 5332
  • Westlake Roarbotics - FRC 4163
  • Reboot - FRC 4080
  • Tech High School - FRC 2420
  • Georgia Robotics Alliance "SOUP" - FRC 1848
  • Wheeler High School "CircuitRunners" - FRC 1002
  • Roswell High School "Chimera" - FRC 832


4080 - Reboot

  • 2012 - Rookie Inspiration Award
  • 2013 - Peachtree Regional Champions

Team Leaders



Project Dates

  • Technology Enrichment Sessions - Every Saturday from September 16 to October 28
  • FRC Kickoff - January 6, 2018
  • FRC Mentorship - Fall and Spring Semesters with an intensive build season from January 6 to February 20
  • Robot In 1 Weekend - September 9-10

Resources and Detailed Project Information

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