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The Shop Manager ensures that the RoboJackets workspace is one that fosters a clean and safe learning and working environment by keeping the individual teams accountable.

The shop manager can be contacted by emailing:

Common Tasks


The Shop Manager is responsible for holding teams accountable for cleaning up after themselves during regular meetings and scheduled shop cleanups. Shop cleanups should be a weekly responsibility for the entirety of RoboJackets, and it is the Shop Manager's responsibility to ensure that teams follow through with their scheduled cleanups as well as understand what is expected. Ideally, the shop manager assigns a given week of scheduled cleanup distributed evenly to each team throughout the semester and should convey the demands of each cleanup with the subteam leads that work in the shop. The shop manager must also ensure that broken tools get disposed of properly reported such that they do not accumulate and that replacement tools come in quickly.

The Shop Manager must also take care of battery disposal. As teams go to competitions and batteries get retired, the batteries tend to accumulate in the workspace because disposing batteries are a safety and environmental hazard, and, as such, cannot be disposed directly in the dumpster. Campus Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) will dispose of the batteries for the organization, but the onus to prepare them properly is on the organization -and by extension, the shop manager. The instructions to prepare the batteries can be found on EHS's website[1]. Once the batteries are bagged and labeled, contact Ed Pozniak or Brian Clemons from EHS to schedule a disposal and communicate battery types, quantities, and size to make the process faster and easier[2].


Unsafe operation of any equipment within the RoboJackets shop and CMA is unacceptable. The shop manager must ensure that teams hold their members accountable for using proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while working closely with machines. Additionally, CMA expectations such as SUMS usage and buddy systems are usually imposed by the SCC on the individual teams, and it is the shop manager's responsibility to communicate these expectations with the rest of RoboJackets.