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Starting with the 2009 sessions and their move to a lab based format. We will be producing a workbook.

Workbook Conventions

These will serve as a guideline for content organization, writing, and visuals.

Chapter Layout

Introduction & Background
This will have content that is useful for the topic, but is not the topic itself. Example if the topic is drive trains and breif about torque and its properties should go here.
Main Topic
This section will be further split up and as the reader progresses should have increasing complexity. Example start with single stage gear box in one section and then move to a two stage gear box in another section.
These will make up the most of our time during the TE Sessions. There should be more than we can do in the sessions so teachers / coaches could do a few of these outside the sessions.

Writing Style

Use of Visuals

Content & Chapter Listing

If you are looking for the book's full outline that can be found at TE Sessions Book Outline.

Ch 1. - X
Ch 2. - X