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Resources for Learning


  • ECE faculty
    • Allen Tannenbaum, Office: VL E392B/WHIT 4102 - Does research related to Machine Vision (especially in biological systems)

Books & Documents

Research Resources

Open Source Resources

  • Sourceforge
  • Vision@Sourceforge
    • RAVL Recognition And Vision Library in C++. VERY GOOD!!
    • JavaVis A Computer Vision Library in Java.
    • Java Vision Toolkit
    • OpenVIDEA an interesting project that offloads common machine vision tasks to the GPU. wow.
    • CVTK Computer Vision Tool Kit tracking of colors in 2-d plane.
    • Gandalf Computer Vision Library Computer vision library written in C. Check out the Vision Package Some interesting Hugh Transform info.
    • MLTCVG A Java and C++ collection of tools and source code for computer graphics and computer vision.
    • Lush Lisp Universal SHell. A MatLab like environment that uses Lisp. Comes with most computer vision libraries and AI libraries, could be worth a look.
    • Octave And while we're at it, opensource MatLab!
  • OpenCV
    • OpenCV-linux
    • OpenCV @SF
    • S2iLib Development of a basic library for creating computer vision systems based on the Intel Open Computer Vision Library (OpenCV), encapsulating the main functionalities of this library and extending them.

Video and Channel Links

Sources for Ideas, Innovations, and Tech

  • DigiInfo TV - Japanese site featuring developments in robotics and engineering
  • RoboCup TDPs - RoboCup Technical Description Papers. Some contain cool ideas that have not been implemented yet.

Mechanical Engineering

Drilling a rounded square hole - Application of the Reuleaux triangle

Georgia Tech Robotics Resources


Computer Science

  • CS 3600 Intro to AI
  • CS 3630/3803 Intro to AI for robotics
  • CS 4632/4803 Adv AI for robotics
  • CS 4641 Machine Learning
  • CS 4495 Machine Vision
  • CS 4630 Knowledge Based AI
  • CS 4731 Game AI
  • CS 4803 Pattern Recognition

Electrical Engineering

  • ECE 4560 Introduction to Automation and Robotics
  • ECE 4580 Computational Computer Vision
  • ECE 4761 Industrial Controls and Manufacturing

Mechanical Engineering

  • ME 4041 Computer Graphics & CAD
  • ME 4447 Microprocessor Control of Manufacturing Systems
  • ME 4451 Robotics
  • ME 4452 Control of Dynamic Systems
  • ME 6104 Computer-Aided Design
  • ME 6401 Linear Control Systems
  • ME 6402 Nonlinear Control Systems
  • ME 6403 Digital Control Systems
  • ME 6404 Advanced Control System Design and Implementation
  • ME 6405 Introduction to Mechatronics
  • ME 6406 Machine Vision
  • ME 6407 Robotics

Aerospace Engineering

Online Courseware

  • CS373 (Artificial Intelligence for Robotics) on Udacity[2]
  • CS271 (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence) on Udacity[3]
  • CS188.1x (Introduction to AI) on EdX[4]