How to fill out TAR forms

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The majority of RoboJackets trips are officially registered through Georgia Tech, so each traveler will need to submit a Travel Authority Request form for approval before departure. These must be submitted to Mechanical Engineering and a copy will be kept on file by the treasurer. Incorrect or incomplete TAR forms may be rejected by one or both of those recipients.

All trips

The first page must be completed for both domestic and international trips.

Completed by travel coordinator

The following blanks should be filled by your travel coordinator before you fill out the form:

  • DEPT/UNIT: Mechanical Engineering
  • Itinerary: Include your start and end cities along with any major stops you will make (hotels, airports, etc.)
  • Purpose of Trip: Competing at ___ competition
  • Transportation Mode: Fill out based on what you're booking. Non-contract airline is probably fine.
  • Estimated Cost: Fill in estimated per-person costs in each of the categories listed. Meals may be estimated using the per diem rates linked lower on the form.

Completed by traveler

You will need to fill in the following blanks yourself:

  • Name: Your last and first name as on file with Georgia Tech.
  • Employee ID #: This is not your GTID. If you are an Institute employee, you can get your Employee ID from TechWorks under the "My Profile" section. If you are not employed by Georgia Tech, leave this blank.
  • Home Dept: If you are an Institute employee, you should list your home department here. If you are not employed by Georgia Tech, leave this blank.
  • Residence: Your legal residence as on file with Georgia Tech. Post Office box numbers and on-campus housing addresses are not acceptable here.

All other sections should be left blank unless otherwise requested by Mechanical Engineering. Print, sign, date, scan, and submit the completed TAR form to your travel coordinator.

International trips

The second page only needs to be completed if traveling outside the United States. It is self-explanatory.