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Need help editing? Well look here!

Since this is a (mostly) unmodified version of MediaWiki, you can find documentation at the Wikimedia Help page if you need help editing or see key links below.

Wikimedia Links

Wikimedia's Main Editing Help Section

RoboJackets Notes

To create a page, simply go to that page (go to ) and click "edit".

When editing, use [[linktext]] to link to another article, and use [url] to link to an external URL.

More help can be found at the MediaWiki documentation page.

A Note on Uploading

The following file types are allowed: png, gif, jpg, ogg, zip, m, dxf, mov, and pdf. The maximum file size for a single upload is 30MB. If either of these restrictions cause problems, let Justin know, and we can change them.


MediaWiki assumes that zip and rar files are images, so if you upload a file named "", it will be at "". This is not a problem. However, when linking to a file, make sure to use [[]] instead of [[]]. The extra colon at the beginning makes it into a link, rather than an inline image. Some browsers don't like it if you have a 50MB unrecognizable image trying to draw in a page.

Deleting Pages

Only users with administrative or shell access may delete pages directly. For everyone else (most users), post those pages you wish to be deleted on the Articles for deletion page. Then those who actually have enough permissions to delete pages will consider deleting those pages listed.